Just for Single Gay Men:  Getting what you want from relationships

A Fall Weekend to learn about Attraction, Love, Lust, and Sex

“‘Informative’ and ‘revelatory’ are guaranteed…

‘transformative’ is not out of the question”

Fall, 2014 (Houston, Montrose area)

Let's talk About Sex Baby

Single gay Men's Workshop


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This workshop provides an in-depth look at the relationship concerns shared by many gay men.  The information is sophisticated and scientific, yet it is presented in a light-hearted fashion making for a rewarding and enjoyable weekend.

The exciting breakthrough information addresses important areas:

The unique experience of being a gay man

Becoming attracted to better partners

The loneliness factor for gay men

Brain chemistry, attraction, and sex

Love and lust integrated

I love him, but the sex is gone

When he starts to feel like a friend

Staying in love and having great sex

Refine your relationship ideals

Getting better dates and dating better

Avoid repeating same mistakes

Expanding your sexual repertoire and staying in love

Assess your availability for a relationship



Testimonials from previous participants:

“It was a weekend both profound and enjoyable (which don’t always go hand-in-hand), and I’m grateful for all of it – particularly spending time working with you.  Which didn’t seem any different from not-working but simply being with you.  You are a remarkable man.  I would very much enjoy any opportunity to spend time with you again.  Beyond wisdom and perspective, you simply have a nourishing “presence.”  That is rare and wonderful.”


“Developing from small children who are somehow ‘different’ into the adults we become, it is nearly inevitable that we will all face serious obstacles in how we relate to ourselves and to to others as gay men – many such obstacles being largely invisible even to ourselves.  I would venture to say that Tony’s workshops border on mandatory for those with a sincere desire to experience relationships that are fulfilling, loving and lasting.  ‘Informative’ and ‘revelatory’ are guaranteed… ‘transformative’ is not out of the question either.”


“I could talk for hours;  it was very enlightening on several levels. First, I feared I’d be there for two days with ‘losers’ relationship wise, but it was all nice guys, all looking for the same thing.  The whole issue of being gay and what it means was also very clarifying for many of us.”


“The first day we talked relationships in general, relationship theory, and about the difference between initial attraction and long term potential.  The second day was more practical focus on moving forward, how to find them, how to recognize what just won’t work long term, how to recognize areas that need to be addressed, and whether compatible or not.  Very, very worth the time!”


The presenter:

Outsmart Magazine’s Favorite Therapist 2003 – 2013, Tony Carroll, LCSW.  Tony has Houston’s oldest GLBT focused psychotherapy practice.  He is previous president of the Texas Clinical Society, board member of the National Federation of Clinical Social Work, founder of the Psychotherapy Resource Center, former member of the Clinical Advisory Board of Montrose Counseling Center, and holds membership in a number of professional organizations including the American Association of Sex Educatiors, Counselors, and Therapists;  the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality; founder and director of the Montrose GLBT Psychotherapy Study Group.  His husband, Dr. Bruce Smith, joins him in these presentations.  Participants always say it is helpful to see a real couple at work together.

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Tony Carroll, LCSW